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Attendance Management:

Connectto offers online attendance management system for school ,staff and student,where parent can trck his/her child attendance and school admin can track staff attendace.


Attendance Management System Offers :

Features :

  • Easy Attendance device integration,
  • Live attendace tracking,
  • SMS notification for parent,
  • Easy leave management.
  • Automatic salary calculation
  • and more........

Student Information:

It provides all the information of student. You can keep track of student’s Progress as well as can check his fees and payment details on a single click.


Student Information System Offers :

Connectto offers a complete student admission and information management facility to end user or school admin.

Features :

  • Easy Registration and Admission Proccess,
  • Fast Fee Payment System for admission,
  • Costomized receipt generation,
  • Responsive Design.
  • Unlimited storage for student documents.
  • Easy Costomization for student


Connectto presents a simple, attractive and user friendly dashboards. It facilitates the school staff to go through the dashboards and easily learn to make use of it.

While designing the dashboards we have taken care of the requirements of each and every user.


Student Information System Offers :

Connectto offers a complete student admission and information management facility to end user or school admin.

Features :

  • Graphical user Interface,
  • Birthday Reminder,
  • Notification Identifier,
  • Easy to use.
  • Grafical and tabular counter

Class & Cources:

Connectto supports all the Boards and courses available in the market. One can easily make amendments and modifications in the syllabus as per their school requirements. Connectto Application also supervises assists and guides the schools which provide multiple boards through different mediums.


Student Information System Offers :

Connectto offers a complete student admission and information management facility to end user or school admin.

Features :

What is Connectto:

Connectto(Admin) is an interactive web solution which automates school’s diverse functional areas and can be quickly customized for any schools to suit their specific mode of operations.

Any institution, big or small, needs to build an organized system that records all information of the students and allows ease of use and access.

Some of the most elementary problems faced on a day to day basis are:

  • Administrative offices are overloaded with files and files of information
  • Procedure to gain access to any small data is long and heavily bureaucratic
  • Most of the information provided is out of date and inconsistent
  • Functionality is scattered throughout different organizational units

We at Connectto understand the importance of a centralized database management system and have, after a thorough analysis, designed and developed the Guru E. Technology

This Student Information Software has been created to help every institution manage all their data in a flawless and systematic manner. The product ensures to provide quality and result oriented solutions to all your worries

Our Vision :

To enhance the productivity and increase the opportunities for everyone in the educational ecosystem.


Gps Tracker/Transport:

Connectto offers live bus tracking system.With help of GPS Device your student(child) is on your figer print .

Traffic and harsh driving on the road becomes high end cause for parent’s tension. We often hear news regarding school bus accident or innocent school going child becomes victim for school bus driver!

With help of connectto app you can track your bus in your Smart Phone with live map navigation system.

When you have connectto no need to worry about bus and students


GPS System Offers :

Features :

  • Live Bus Tracker,
  • Live Map Navigation in Smart Phone,
  • SMS notification ,
  • No Need to wait on bus stop for parent and staff.
  • and more........

Library Management:

Library manager will easily provide you the latest books available in the market with easy hand. Now you need not search for a complete rack all over the library. An easy way to have a quick search through the library books and order on their availability! Library manager can update the stock / collection of books. Keep track of books issued and due dates for return of issued books.


Library Management Offers :

Features :

  • Easy searching,
  • Graphical and tabular Inventry ,
  • Easy book Assign and Return facility ,
  • and more........

Fee Structure:

Fee Structure will easily provide you to create and costomize school fee with the best fee structure methodology in market. Fee Collection is also our very easy and fast service.


Fee Structure :

Features :

  • Easy Customization,
  • Fast and secure fee collection ,
  • Strong Account management ,
  • and more........

Employee management:

Connectto also includes HRMS module which is responsible for managing details of all the teaching and not teaching staff.


Employee management :

Features :

  • Staff Recruitment,
  • Staff Attendace ,
  • Leave Management ,
  • Class and subject Assignment
  • Payroll Management
  • and more........